How to Style Cardigans

by Leann Stanley on January 15, 2022

It’s a bit difficult to style your cardigan and make it work, but with the right ideas it can actually be feasible. It’s all a matter of bringing in a unique perspective, while pushing the limits in a fun, creative manner.

What should you wear under the open cardigan? You can have your favorite tee or a blouse, as they fit the style very well. Of course, you can tuck the shirt if you want something a bit more ingenious. When it comes to the pants you should wear, it depends on the cardigan. If it’s short or cropped, high waist or wide leg pants are the best ones. If you have a large and boxy one, then it makes sense to have either slim or straight cut pants.

These tips and ideas can help stylize your cardigan in a proper manner, and it does allow you to bring in a lot of innovations. It’s all a matter of pushing the boundaries and coming with something great into the mix.