Fashion Trends for Spring 2022

by Leann Stanley on February 11, 2022

Going into the third year of the Coronavirus pandemic, the overarching mood is one of optimism. With a focus on being comfortable yet dressed up, and the increase in diversity and variety, every type of personal aesthetic can be catered to with these springtime trends.

Liven up your spring look right now.

Bold Colors

Nothing says springtime like bright pink, yellow and red. But don't limit yourself to just the basics; everything from cobalt blue to electric greens has been on the runway this year. Play with different shades for a casual or go full monochromatic if you're feeling brave.

Cute Floral Print Dresses

The floral print dresses never goes out of style, Put away your gloomy winter clothes, and bring the bright colors, cheerful prints, and lightweight pieces.

Pretty floral prints will be everywhere this spring. 

Fancy White Frocks

In contrast to the other bold look on the shelves and runways, we saw a wide variety of white dresses coming in strong. Evening, business, casual, high-end, lacy - you can find one exactly to your taste. 

Baby Doll Dresses

A staple of 60s and 70s fashion, baby doll dresses are making a bold comeback. This look emphasizes feminity and features everything from puffed sleeves to embellished collars.